• Caring for One's Smile During Orthodontic Treatment
    How your dentists in Amherst, New Hampshire can help your child have a great smile If you are thinking about orthodontic treatment for your child, it’s good to be prepared because Read more
  • Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay in Your Children's Teeth
    Good oral health begins with how well your child cares for their teeth and gums. We’re all very focused on our health right now thanks to the pandemic, and while Read more
  • Proper Oral Hygiene Habits
    Healthy teeth are vital to your child’s oral and general health. Proper oral hygiene habits help your child speak and eat properly. On the other hand, poor oral hygiene could Read more
  • FAQs about Braces
    Could your son or daughter benefit from orthodontic treatment? Here at Children's Dental Care of New Hampshire in Amherst, NH, your dentists, Drs. James McAveeney, Andrew Cheifetz, and Agata Bartels, Read more
  • The Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment
    Getting braces early in life has other awesome advantages besides a straighter smile. As we all know, braces can fix misalignments in your smile and enhance your appearance, which is Read more
  • FAQS about Tooth Decay
    Tooth decay, also referred to as dental caries, is still the most common chronic disease to affect both children and adults. Even though more and more people are beginning to Read more
  • Dental Effects of a Pacifier
    Is your toddler hooked to his or her pacifier? While babies instinctively suck, toddlers and young children can, and should, give up their pacifiers to avoid dental problems. At Children's Read more
  • Have Tooth Decay? We Can Help
    If your child has developed a cavity, you may be wondering why it needs treatment. It might seem unnecessary to treat a cavity on a tooth that will soon be Read more
  • Signs That Your Child Might Have Tooth Decay
    It’s important that decay is detected and treated right away to prevent complications. Tooth decay, the cause of cavities, is one of the most common dental disorders around, and it affects Read more
  • Tooth Decay: Causes and Treatments
    Your child's dental healthcare is important. Taking care of your kid's teeth and teaching children to care for their teeth is vital. Here at Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire, your Amherst, Read more
  • The Benefits of Space Maintainers
    Find out how this treatment could prevent teeth from shifting out of alignment. A child should begin losing their baby teeth around the age of 6 years old; however, if your Read more
  • The Importance of Age One Visits
    Did you know that experts recommend that children visit the dentist for the first time at age one at the latest? Although your child may not have many teeth, early Read more
  • What Are Tooth Colored Fillings
    At some point, nearly everyone will be affected by a cavity. Children are more prone to cavities than adults. Tooth-colored fillings are used to repair cavities. Children's Dental Center of Read more
  • Professional Teeth Cleanings Help Stave Off Tooth Decay
    It is never too early to start practicing good oral hygiene and prevention for common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Children are especially susceptible to tooth Read more
  • What is a Frenectomy?
    A frenectomy is an oral procedure for removing one or both frenums inside the mouth. A frenum is a piece of tissue connecting interior areas of the mouth together. One Read more
  • Ways You Can Help Your Children Avoid Tooth Decay
    There are several ways you can help your children avoid tooth decay. An important first step in preventing tooth decay is teaching your children good oral hygiene habits. Daily brushing Read more

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