How to Prevent Cavities with Braces

As a parent, when deciding to bestow your child with orthodontics, each of you must be aware of cavities. This form of tooth decay is common when the mouth isn't adequately taken care of, and from consuming sugary beverages or sticky foods. Ideally, if a child has developed cavities before receiving braces, they'll need to be filled by a dentist throughout treatment. If you're considering orthodontics for your young one, Dr. Andrew Cheifetz, Dr. Agata Bartels, and Dr. Grace Hannawi-Tadros are eager to inform you about our options in our Amherst, NH, Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire and Orthodontics TOO.

Do Braces Increase the Risk of Cavities?

When the traditional route is chosen, brackets and wires make brushing and flossing more of a challenge. It's necessary for your child to practice a thorough and diligent oral care routine, otherwise, a cavity might slip its way into the enamel. Establishing healthy habits during orthodontic treatment will prove beneficial during, and in the end.

How to Prevent Cavities with Braces

When your child starts wearing orthodontics, it's critical to help them take care of their teeth. You should encourage them to brush these dental appliances after eating their favorite snack or drinking their favorite soda. In our Amherst, NH office, we can provide them with interdental brushes to help reach those tight spots, but regular floss works just as well to remove leftover particles that can cause cavities.

When to Consider Orthodontics

Reasons to contemplate braces range from enhancing confidence to improving dental health. Straight teeth are healthy teeth, and they also make someone want to show off a smile. In our Amherst, NH, Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire and Orthodontics TOO, our dentists offer Invisalign, rose gold, conventional, and porcelain orthodontics. To determine which is best for your child, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Andrew Cheifetz, Dr. Agata Bartels, or Dr. Grace Hannawi-Tadros. For more information about the services provided in the office, visit our website. For appointment scheduling, please call (603) 673-1000.

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