Frenectomy in Amherst, NH

The Doctor Said My Child Needs a Frenectomy; what is it? The facts about frenectomies.

What is the Frenum?

A frenum is an attachment of muscle and there are two in the mouth. One frenum attaches the inside of the upper lip to the gums between the upper front teeth. If this frenum is attached too low down on the gums, it can force the two front teeth apart, creating a gap. Sometimes the gap will close when the permanent teeth come in, or be treated with braces.

The other frenum is located underneath the tongue and attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If the tongue frenum is situated too close to the tip of the tongue, it interferes with normal movement of the tongue. This can cause speech problems, and is often referred to as “tongue-tied.”

In both cases, the frenum placement can be corrected through a simple surgery known as a frenectomy. Your pediatric dentist at Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire, in Amherst, can help you decide if your child needs a frenectomy.

Frenectomy Procedure

During a frenectomy, the area involved is numbed with an anesthetic, and a small cut is made on the frenum to free the tongue or the upper lip. The cut is then sewn up with small sutures, so the area can heal properly.

A frenectomy isn’t necessary in every case, but is commonly recommended for:

A lip frenum which is causing pain; if there is no pain, a lip frenectomy should only be considered if your child has a gap between their permanent teeth that can’t be closed with braces.

A tongue frenum which is interfering with speaking, eating or swallowing

If you are unsure about whether your child needs a frenectomy, it’s time to see the experts at Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire, in Amherst. They are your pediatric dentists in the neighborhood and are ready to help your child and you. Give them a call today!

For more information on Frenectomy in the Amherst, NH area call Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire at (603) 673-1000 today!

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