Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

Healthy teeth are vital to your child’s oral and general health. Proper oral hygiene habits help your child speak and eat properly. On the other hand, poor oral hygiene could result in tooth issues, disease, infection, and other oral health problems. At Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire in Amherst, NH, our pediatric dentists, Dr. James McAveeney, Dr. Agata Bartels, and Dr. Andrew Cheifetz, can take care of all your child’s dental concerns and needs. However, you should begin teaching your child proper oral care habits as soon as possible to keep preventable dental problems at bay. Start with these simple tips.

Proper Tooth Brushing and Flossing

A clean damp cloth will suffice for cleaning your baby’s first baby teeth, gums, interior cheeks, and tongue. At one or two years old, you can use a child-size toothbrush and some water or fluoride-free toothpaste for cleaning your child’s teeth. Switch to a normal fluoride toothpaste when your child has learned to spit. Once your child can brush by himself, make sure that they do it twice daily for at least two minutes. Make sure to change toothbrushes after three to six months or once the bristles look old and worn. You should also teach your child proper flossing techniques to avoid hurting the gums.

When To Visit a Pediatric Dentist

According to the American Dental Association, kids should visit their dentist when they turn one year old. This will help the dentist spot and monitor any potential dental concerns early on. After your child’s initial visit, he should visit the dentist for regular checkups twice yearly. Seeing your pediatric dentist in Amherst, NH early on will also help your child form a relationship with the dentist so that your child will be more comfortable with routine dental treatments.

The Role of a Healthy Diet Against Cavities

Cavities are holes that develop in the teeth and occur when germs accumulate inside the mouth. The sugar content in drinks and food turns into acid that could also result in cavities. This is why making healthy food choices while kids are still young is very important. With this in mind, refrain from giving your child sugary drinks and sweet snacks. If your child eats something with sugar, ensure that he brushes his teeth right after or rinse and gargle his mouth thoroughly with water if they don’t have their toothbrush with them.

The Importance of Fluoride

Lots of studies have shown that fluoride is crucial to preventing cavities in both baby and adult teeth. Likewise, it helps in protecting the teeth by strengthening their enamel. In most cases, kids get sufficient fluoride from drinking water and fluoride toothpaste. But if your drinking water doesn’t contain fluoride, you should speak with your pediatric dentist if your child needs an oral fluoride supplement. Your dentist may also recommend regular applications of fluoride varnish after professional cleanings to ensure that your kid is getting enough fluoride.

Do You Have Questions About Your Child’s Oral Health?

To ensure that you keep your child’s oral health in tiptop shape, visit one of our pediatric dentists here at the Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire in Amherst, NH. Dial (603) 673-1000 to schedule your appointment with Dr. James McAveeney, Dr. Agata Bartels, or Dr. Andrew Cheifetz today.

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