The Effects Of Sugary Drinks On Your Kid's Smile

Despite the best of intentions, parents can still find it difficult to keep their children away from the sugary drinks hiding in plain sight at thesugar grocery store and the school cafeteria. Even drinks labeled as organic or all natural can still be higher in sugar content than they seem. And when food and snacks are factored into the equation, most American children are consuming much more sugar than is recommended or advisable for their oral and general health.

In short, sugar is everywhere. And while childhood obesity is a major health concern and rightfully grabs a lot of headlines, a less discussed side effect of excessive sugar consumption is the increased risk of tooth decay in young children.

Pediatric Dental Care in Amherst

Younger children, who may still be working on getting the hang of proper brushing technique and mechanics, can be especially susceptible to sugar buildup and tooth decay. Sugary drinks, which can be mistaken for safer alternatives to candy bars and snacks, are often to blame for childhood cavities. The first step in cavity and tooth decay prevention is regular dental appointments. The dentists at Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire in Amherst recommend that parents schedule the first appointment by the age of one.

Yearly visits can help to monitor a child's dental progress, and catch potential problems before they can progress. Dental sealants can also help to protect children's teeth from cavities by smoothing out the ridges over the surface of the tooth, making it easier to brush, and preventing the residue from sugary drinks and food from causing bacteria and plaque buildup.

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For more information on protecting your children's teeth from decay, and for treatment options if it develops, contact Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire by calling 603-673-1000 to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist today.


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