How To Maintain Healthy Your Child's Smile

Are you worried that your child will develop cavities? Amherst pediatric dentists Drs. James McAveeney and Andrew Cheifetz of the oral hygieneChildren's Dental Center of New Hampshire share a few tips that will help your child avoid tooth decay.

Brush daily

It's not always easy to convince kids to brush their teeth. Unfortunately, skipping a brushing session can cause plaque to coat the teeth. Although you can't see plaque, its presence raises your child's tooth decay risk. Brushing twice a day is the simplest way to get rid of the sticky film.

If your child is a reluctant brusher, finding ways to make the process fun can often help. Whether you buy power toothbrushes that play music, award stickers for a job well done or motivate your children in other ways, upping the excitement level of brushing can help ensure that your child doesn't go to bed or start the day with unbrushed teeth.

Don't forget about flossing

Flossing is just as important as brushing. Floss removes plaque that forms between teeth. As soon as two teeth appear next to each other, you can begin flossing your child's teeth. It usually takes some time for kids to develop the manual dexterity needed to handle the job themselves. In fact, you may need to help your child floss until he or she is about nine or 10.

Choose healthy snacks

Snacking on fruits and vegetables will help your son or daughter avoid tooth decay. Some healthy snacks, such as apples, even act as natural tooth cleaners. Candy, chips or other foods or beverages that contain sugar, or contain carbohydrates that can be converted into sugar should be avoided as much as possible.

Visit the pediatric dentist every six months

When tooth decay first attacks your child's teeth, the decayed area is so small that it can't be felt or seen. Luckily, it's easy to detect decay with dental X-rays offered during regular dental visits at Drs. McAveeney and Cheifetz's Amherst office. In addition to looking for tooth decay, the pediatric dentists will also examine your child's mouth and jaw to ensure that he or she is developing normally.

Help your child maintain that beautiful smile with regular dental visits. Call your Amherst, NH pediatric dentists Drs. James McAveeney and Andrew Cheifetz of the Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire at (603) 673-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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