When it comes to your child’s dental hygiene, who should you go with…a general dentist, or a pediatric specialist? You’ve no doubt asked yourself this question when considering the best fit for your child, but do you know the difference?

 gen·er·al·ist(noun ˈjen-rÉ™-list): an individual whose skills or interests extend to several different medical fields

spe·cial·ist (noun ˈspe-sh(É™-)list): a doctor who deals with health problems that relate to a specific area of medicine

The difference couldn’t be more profound.

A general dentist is highly trained in providing dental care for patients of all ages. Rather than specializing in one area, they offer a wide variety of dental services, including crowns and bridges, dentures, cosmetic procedures, oral surgery, dental implants, root canals, sealants, tobacco cessation and restorative care.While all are highly skilled, necessary and important procedures, you’ve probably noticed that not many of them pertain to your child.

A Child Smiles SPECIALIST Knows YOU Want The Best For YOUR Children

A child’s smile tells a wonderful tale… of understanding, care and well-being.In contrast to a general dentist, a pediatric specialist provides care for infants (starting at age one) to children of college age. There’s a difference in education as well – becoming a pediatric dentist requires two additional years of training specifically tailored to oral care for children. The extra training prepares a pediatric dentist for oral disease recognition, child psychology, behavior, prevention techniques and specialized treatment for chronic illnesses. As pediatric dentists, Dr. McAveeney and Dr. Cheifetz extensively studied the growth and development of the craniofacial complex (the bones and surrounding soft structure of the cranium and face). They are therefore better able to diagnose and intercept potential orthodontic problems your child may encounter.

Unlike a generalist’s suite of offerings, a pediatric dentist offers a specialized set of services including cleanings, white fillings, invisible braces, space maintainers, palatal expanders and retainers.

Another key difference between pediatric versus general dentistry is the environment and culture of the practices. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a pediatric dental office, you’re sure to have noticed that it looks more like a play room than, well…an office. From vibrant colors, to games, to movies, a fish tank…and even mascots, the aim of a pediatric dental practice is to create a non-threatening, welcoming environment where your child feels comfortable and looks forward to the next appointment. We strive to make every visit enjoyable! 

We realize that choosing your child’s dentist is an important decision to make, as the relationship is one that will last for decades. That’s why we enthusiastically invite your family to come meet ours…and experience first-hand how the team at Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire can start caring for your child’s smile today!




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