As pediatric dentists, Dr. McAveeney and Dr. Cheifetz extensively studied the growth and development of the craniofacial complex. Therefore, the doctors can diagnose and intercept potential orthodontic problems.

Invisible Braces

Dr. McAveeney, Dr. Cheifetz, and the staff at Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire use invisible braces for the adolescents in our practice, as well as some of the moms and dads. Please ask us about how we can help your family. These special braces use a series of clear, custom made, removable aligners to straighten teeth. In many cases, this is a great alternative to traditional braces for adolescents and adults. For more information, ask one of our staff.

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer prevents unwarranted shifting of the teeth. It hinders the molars from moving forward and blocking the space where future teeth will develop. This appliance is often used following the premature loss of primary (baby) teeth. If teeth move into the empty space, adult teeth may become impacted or stuck.

Palatal Expanders

These orthodontic devices widen the upper arch. They are suitable for patients with inadequate arch width and resulting posterior cross bite. We leverage either the Hyrex or the Quad Helix to help create a more ideal occlusion (tooth alignment).


Retainers serve a multitude of functions; at their simplest, they help to maintain the positioning of teeth after orthodontic tooth movement. For those with anterior (near the front) cross bites, these appliances can be customized with springs to correct bite interferences.

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