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Causes of Gap Teeth

Children and teens can face many different types of dental concerns, from cavities to crooked teeth. One common concern is gap teeth, a condition in which there is an excess spacing between certain teeth. Several treatment options are available for correcting gap teeth. At the Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire in Amherst, NH, or experienced pediatric dentists can develop an individualized treatment plan for eliminating excess spacing in your child or teen’s smile.

What Causes Gap Teeth?

Several factors can contribute to the development of gap teeth. Sometimes they naturally occur as a child’s teeth are coming in. Certain habits can also cause a gap to form between teeth. For example, improper chewing techniques, thumb sucking, or the long-term use of pacifiers or bottles can contribute to the development of gap teeth.

Another cause of gap teeth is having a large frenum, which is the tissue connecting the upper lip to the gums. In some cases, the frenum can grow between the upper front teeth and cause a slight gap between them.

Having a wide or large jaw can also lead to gaps in the smile. A larger jaw gives the teeth more space to shift and move around, which can produce a gap. Another possible cause of gap teeth is having a missing tooth. When a tooth is missing, other nearby teeth sometimes shift toward the open space, which can create new gaps.

Treatments for Gap Teeth

There are a few different treatment options for correcting gap teeth in kids and teens. One of the skilled pediatric dentists at our Amherst, NH, dental center can recommend a specific treatment for your child or teen’s gap teeth.

One way of eliminating excess spacing between teeth is with dental bonding. A tooth-colored resin material is used to fill in the gap. As the resin dries, it becomes permanently bonded in place and will blend in with the rest of your child’s smile.

Orthodontic treatment is another option for correcting gap teeth. Invisalign is an especially popular method among teens for correcting various orthodontic issues. Invisalign utilizes custom-made removable aligner trays to close small gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and correct other orthodontic problems. One reason Invisalign is so popular among teens is that the aligner trays are clear so they are extremely discreet and barely noticeable.

If your child or teen has developed gap teeth, we can help. To schedule a consultation with a pediatric dentist at our office in Amherst, NH, call Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire at (603) 673-1000.

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